Managing your time.

With all the things that I have to do in a day it gets hectic and sometimes I forget what I have to do or I forget about something because I don’t manage my time like I’m suppose to. My weeks are pretty busy when it comes to school, personal time, and work. For example on Mondays I get done with class at 2:15 after my class I go work out then I go home to do homework. Tuesdays class till 4:00 stay at school do homework till 5:45 then go to work get done around 10:30 then go home and finish my homework. Wednesday class till 2:15, go to work, get done around midnight go home try to finish homework if I have any then go to bed. And finally Thursday, the last day of my school week. I have class till 2 then I go to work out, but when I get to this day is when my managing of my time gets set off course. Because its the last day of the week for school for me I stop managing my time to figure out when I have to do things to get them done and most times I forget about any school work I have till Sunday night.

When Sunday hits I’m at work till about midnight most nights and that is when the “Oh No” moment hits. That’s where I remember all of the stuff I have to get done for school that I set off to the side because it was the end of the school week. I figured out a way to manage that time so that I can do what I would like on my weekend instead of having to do my homework last minute.

Although I know that I will have three days to finish my homework I need to get in the habit of going home or staying at school and finishing my homework before I do anything else. If you set an alarm on your phone day at 4:00 when you are done working out to finish your homework you will be able to finish it and have time to spare to do something you would like to do. I started doing this about two weeks ago and although sometimes its hard because I just want to put it off to the side and wait to do it, it does help to get it done ahead of time. I also figured out on days that I am at work and I am closing instead of watching videos or reading my personal I can bring my laptop and finish my homework at home.

By setting a time to do things it will help you manage your time better. In a past blog I said to make a To DO list and that does help but also setting times to do things and knowing when it is due also helps manage your time.



Meditation is a good activity to slower your stress and anxiety. When you meditate most times you clear your mind. When you clear your mind you are able to forget what responsibilities you have for a moment. And when you are done meditating you can figure out what you should do without all the extra stress.

There are many different ways you can meditate. The traditional way is sitting down, focus on your breathing and empty your mind. By doing this you center your core and are able to focus better when you are done meditating. By emptying your mind for a few minutes you are able to concentrate and figure out how to manage your time better also.

Another way of meditating is using a Zen Garden. You start off with a pile of sand that is flat you add waves to it using a either your hands or a stick. Then you can add rocks or different things to it. By doing this you are in control of what you are doing. When you are in control it helps lower stress because you know what’s happening compared to the responsibilities you have where you don’t always have control of those.

And last doing an activity that is calming to you were it could be drawing, sitting outside, maybe reading a book. There are many different things you can do to meditate.
“To think deeply or focus one’s mind for a period of time, in silence or with the aid of chanting, for religious or spiritual purposes or as a method of relaxation.” Whatever activity you do that helps you focus your mind on one thing for a period of time is meditating. Anyone can try this. And the best part about it is that it is free. And you can do it anywhere.

Make a To Do list.

What do I have to do today? I feel like I have something I have to do but I just can not remember what is was. These thoughts go through my head every day. This semester I have had a hard time remembering what I’ve had to do. It’s hard to remember what you have to do and know when you have to turn it in when you have two work sheets, two study guides, three exams, one quiz and two assignments that are due someday Monday through Friday. But I figured out a way to help that.

Make a To Do list. It doesn’t matter where you write it as long as its written down. Use a pen or pencil don’t write it in your phone unless you are using reminder where you can set it to remind you to do it before you have to turn it in. You can write it in a journal, scrap paper, in your planner, or even on your hand. If you look at my hand right now I have a lot of things written down on it right now. I have personal things that I have to do and I also have school things that I have to get done. By writing it down it will help.

Not knowing when things are due is stressful because it can cause your grade to be lowered if your don’t turn it in on time. It can get stressful when you have a lot of things that you have to get done but you don’t know where to start. So if you make a To Do list it will help. By looking at all the things that you have to do it will help evaluate what things you should do first or at least start on. For example if you have a three page essay due in three days but you have a worksheet that is due in two you can divide the work. Maybe write one and a half pages move to your worksheet then finish that and move back to your essay. By physically seeing when things are due all on one sheet it will help determine what things you should do first.

The best part about making a To Do list is the moment when you are able to cross out something that’s on the list. It helps decrease the stress by 1. Managing your time 2. Getting done what needs to be done on time and 3. Removing the weight of things you have to do off of your shoulders.

I would highly recommend making a To Do list starting now. Make a goal about when you want to get done with things. And get it done! It will help a lot.

The difference between stress and anxiety.

A lot of society thinks that stress and anxiety are the same thing. Although stress can cause anxiety, they are not counted as the same thing. Stress is a factor of anxiety and can be a leading cause to what can cause anxiety. explains that stress is a response to when you are faced with a threatening situation and is how your body deals with it. While anxiety is the reaction to chronic stress where stress is a normal response to something. When you are a college kid like I am there are many things that can stress you out, and when that stress level keeps increasing it can cause anxiety. There are a lot of different ways that you can manage your stress to help decrease the chances you have to getting anxiety. In this blog I will explain different ways to deal and manage your stress and if you have anxiety that comes from the stress you are under how you may also deal with that. In this blog I will also explain how to mange your time with class work, homework, work, and personal life, and hobbies. I am a 19 year old college kid that goes to school full time and works a part time job at a movie theatre where I work about 30 hours a week. I have a hard time with trying to manage my time with school, work, homework, and trying to find time to hang out with my friends and do some of the hobbies I like to do on my free time, and sometimes that causes a lot of stress to where it gets overwhelming. Through out this year I have figured out little tricks to manage my time through out the day in a smart way and use every free minute I have doing something to stay on tip of things for school, while still having time to hang out with friends and do hobbies, and by doing this it also helped me manage my stress and anxiety I have.